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Night Owl Lure

Night Owl Mink Gland
Loaded with glandular odor and other mink attracting oils and musks. Good for coyote change-up as well. 
Night Owl Creekside Call
Excellent on muskrat and mink, and great for early use on the canines, especially gray fox.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Night Owl Sugar Tree
Very oily and tacky liquid food call lure with exceptional calling abilities for raccoon.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Night Owl Castor Master
A blend of food ingredients natural to the beaver's diet are put into a paste form for ease of use around the water.
Night Owl Ontario
Crammed full of castors from beaver taken from the tributaries of Lake Ontario and upper New York state.
Night Owl Coyote Gland
If you are serious about targeting coyotes, have this one by your side. A great coyote gland lure.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Night Owl Red Fox Gland
Thick, creamy and loaded with aged glands that are hand processed. As foxy smelling as it gets.
Night Owl Red Fox Gland XXL
Same formula as Red Fox Gland, but with added matrix ingredients to make this lure excel during the mating season.
Night Owl Silver Moon
Put up in a paste form for use around the waterline. Long lasting odor that will withstand the rain and muddy conditions of fall coon & mink trapping.
Night Owl Plum Loco
An unusual and complex four-part base goes into making this product. A sweet and sour smell that drives coon crazy.

The following Night Owl Lures are available in 1-ounce and 4-ounce bottles.

Night Owl Lures
Night Owl Lures
Night Owl Bobcat Gland
A rich, creamy blend packed with cat attracting essentials. Great change-up for K-9s too. 
Night Owl Red Tornado
A mild meat-based food lure with a blend of musks and castor ideal for early and mid-season canines, coon and southern cats.
Night Owl High Honors
A base of ground mice makes this food lure a universal attractor for any predator.
Night Owl Cold Roller
A non-meat food call lure invaluabale at flat and projection sets as well as dirtholes. Very sticky and syrupy.
Night Owl Crossbones
A long distance call lure with unmatched calling abilities. Pure skunk odor that won't get hidden under a blanket of greasy film.
Night Owl Brush Fire
Originally formulated for fisher and marten trapping in the cold north, this lure quickly became a favorite of canine trappers too.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Night Owl Open Season 
An early to mid season lure that will arouse the curiosity of the cats and canines as well as big boar coon.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Night Owl Chain Reaction
A multiple reaction product that keeps predators at the set longer.
Night Owl Liquid Mouse Squeeze Bait
Extracted from 100% whole mice then strained and bottled with a very important musk added to fix the bait and add a subtle second call.

Night Owl Trapping Baits

$10.00 - 1 pint
$7.00 - 8 ounces
$7.00 - 8 ounces
Night Owl Rolling Thunder
This is a true old time paste bait formula for fisher, bobcat and canines.
Night Owl K-9 Commitment
Loud smelling rank cheese odor that will draw canines and keep them working your set.
Night Owl Bait
Ditch Digger
A muskrat lure that is not sweet or minty smelling. Uses food sources.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
3 Berry Bomb
An enticing bait for nuisance raccoons and skunks. A combination of three berry smells that have no attraction to house cats but coon and skunks must check out. A good choice for fall fur trapping in DP traps as well.
$7.00 - 8 ounces
Squirrel Slammer
A paste bait that will tempt any rodent. A deep, rich, nutty odor. Simply smear it on a cracker, it won't dry out.
$7.00 - 8 ounces
Top Banana
A thick creamy yellow paste with a banana odor that jumps out of the jar. A smear of this on a vanilla wafer in a cage trap is a deadly combination.
$7.00 - 8 ounces

Night Owl Bait Preservative

Sodium Benzoate
Bait maker's powder and preservative. Use 2 tablespoons per pint or 1 cup per gallon or bait.
$6.00 - 16 ounces
Night Owl Lures